A long time ago, in a co-working space (not that) far, far away, Laurens and Melih Berk met each other. Melih Berk, who is an Ethical Hacker and Laurens who is an experienced Recruiter, discussed the alarming need for technical cyber security professionals. When Laurens mentioned his idea for setting up a niche cyber security company, Melih offered his help and expertise. Melih’s advise on how to find and train cyber security professionals helps us on our mission to fight the dark side of the web.

Back in 2018, we laid the foundation for our Cyber Security community through our very own MeetUp group, named Cyber Security Talks. Over time, our group has flourished, attracting more than 700 passionate members. We’ve proudly collaborated with esteemed partners like Microsoft, OKTA, Google, booking.com, SentinelOne, and KPN. Our journey continues, fueled by our shared passion for all things Cyber Security. Do we see you at the next event or you want to partner up as well?

Laurens Jagt
As the Podcast Host for Cyber Security Talk, I am trying to inspire the next generation to join the cyber security industry and close the cyber security talent gap. In my spare time I like to bike, I even went on a solo biking adventure and made it all the way to Qatar.
Melih-Berk Eksioglu
After completing two bachelor degrees in Computer Engineering and winning a government based cyber security hackathon, I started working as an Ethical Hacker back in 2013. Since then I have been an international cyber security consultant, trying to fight the dark side of the web. I advise CSR on how to find and train cyber security professionals because I know a lot of companies are facing a cyber security knowledge gap.